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Technical Support contains a comprehensive kado FAQ and allows you kado to contact the kado valentijn Motion-Twin Team.
Kado Points, when you idee play a game, there is a score we challenge you to beat which we call a contract.
Attack To increase its score a clan must Attack other clans.
Periods A Kadokado period lasts 14 days.The score you need to reach in order to win a Star is calculated depending on the kado results of players in the previous period.You'll keep playing the games kado as normal, but in a special game mode.Try to get as high a score as possible!Check your Loyalty Card to see its current state.Shop to order your, gift Voucher.Wfzsvw8UC : A Bordeaux, DKR il fait super beau!A Red Star, for elite players.The bar, located under the "My current ranking" box, represents the value of all the stars you have got on a scale of 1 to 100.Win Red Stars in order to reach the maximum level on the bar.At the end of each period, verpakkingen the rankings are reset and the highest ranked clans will receive Kado points.Enjoy more than 60 Exclusive Games all developed by, motion-Twin.It is important to know that you cannot Attack and Defend for your clan at the same jaar time.The rule is simple: One Gem One Game Token.Your very kado own housewarming VIP Stats page.The challenges from other clans are also indicated in this tab. Clans A Clan is a jongen group of blad 1 to 50 players who fight together against other clans.
Each Clan has a score and a position in the jaar Global Clan Ranking.
Awards The Championship of kado Clans is divided into 2 periods.
You must organise the kado members of kado your clan in order to successfully manage all the attacks and defenses.
At kado the end of this period (Monday morning GMT1) all scores are reset jaar and players receive the Kado points which kado they won afscheid during the previous period.Always attack clans which have a score similar kado to yours in order to get the maximum number of points as possible jaar each time you launch a successful attack.The current status of your clans' attacks are indicated in the Status tab of your clan.alle ansehen, beitr├Ąge, mehr anzeigen.If you see this icon beside a game, it means that you will go up a level in the next period.

If you fulfill this contract, you win Kado points, which can be kado exchanged for real gifts in the.
Beitr├Ąge, je me demande qui trouvera ce code.
By fulfilling contracts on each game.