Kado enveloppe maken

Slide your letter or card into maken the enveloppe open slot and fold kado the top edge of the envelope down about a 1/2 inch.
When the edge of the top right corner is touching the center crease in a straight line, fold the corner down.
maken Question Can I use A4 paper to make an envelope?1, geliefde kado you can experiment with paper sizes, but if in doubt, a standard-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) will.Next, follow along enveloppe the blue kado lines to cut away the parts you wont kado need.At this point, the paper should still be lying lengthwise.(It doesnt origineel always have to be the exact same sheet of paper any complementary design or color kado works.).This will create one crease going from the upper left to the bottom right corner and another kado crease going from the upper right to the bottom left corner.Scissors aren't compulsory for envelope making.2, fold the paper over evenly.8 Fold back the edge of the right corner.If in doubt, a standard size.5 by 11 inches maken will do fine; you can fold and cut it in half before beginning if you want a smaller envelope. Handle paper with kado caution, koffie since euro paper cuts can hurt.
These are great for making voor multiples, such as euro Christmas cards kado or party kado invitations.
Your note can go between the horizontal kado creases of kado the envelope.
Method 3 Making a Square Origami Envelope 1 Get a square sheet of paper larger kado than your sint letter or card.
You can use double sided tape for it to look better kado if you are hand delivering.
Smooth the fold so the paper lies flat.11 Hand-deliver your letter.Spread and flatten the small triangle.Now, the paper will be triangular.But thats kado the jist of how to make envelopes step by step.The taped design gratis kado is suitable for mailing, as long as it is sealed well enough.

Landscape (Wide) vs Portrait (Tall) maken Envelopes.
Hand-deliver your homemade envelope if you do not want to pay extra shipping costs.