Heren kado tips

The Level tips 2 VIP Loyalty Card, which you mannen will have mobiele to complete in order to become a tips Level 2 VIP.
Don't forget to regularly check your ranking and make sure that nobody overtakes you or you will lose your ranking.
A Red Star, kado for elite players.
At the energieleveranciers end of kado each kado period, kado the rankings are closed and the player with kado the most feathers will receive 100.000!A new game reserved for Level 2 VIP Players.A Green Star, for good players.Your very own VIP Stats page.Click on the menu ON THE right to access to the Help section.Levels Each time you level up, you will receive Kado kado points.At the end of each period, the best players at each level go up to the next level, receive a Cup and Kado points.Each Clan kado has a score and a position in the Global Clan Ranking.There is only one feather per game.VIP Level 1 gives access to: Double Kado points heren for successfully completed contracts.Show Some Love - Tip kado.Enjoy more than 60 Exclusive Games all developed by, motion-Twin.Your score will then be kado the Attack.( Check the score you need to reach in each game in order to win a Star, click here ) Rankings It is important to know that a general ranking doesnt exist. Complete these stages of the mission to kado earn mission points.
Defend In order to rijmt improve the ranking of the your clan, you rijmt must successfully Attack and Defend.
Previews of new games released on KadoKado.
You can persoonlijk either join a clan or create kado a new one.VIP Level 3 kado Once you have completed the Level 3 VIP Card, you will achieve Level 3 VIP status.The number of Kado points you receive increases as you reach higher levels: Level Number of classified players Kado points Newbie Confirmed kado Orange 500 500 Red Bronze 20 2000 Silver 5 5000 Gold 1 10000 kado Try to improve your rankings.Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange.The more games you buy, the faster you will be able to complete your Loyalty Card and improve your VIP Status.Periods A Kadokado period lasts 14 days.Check your Loyalty Card to see its current state.Points are distributed as follows in the table below: Ranking Kado points 1st 150.000 2nd 100.000 3rd to 5th.000 6th to 10th.000 11th to 25th.500 26th to 50th.500 51th to 100th.000 101th to 200th.500 201th to 500th.250 persoonlijk persoonlijk Kado.At the end of the period, your Stars are brought back to 0 and you get extra Kado points according to the Stars you have obtained during the period: One Green Star 10 One Orange Star 50 One Red Star 100 Try to collect.You must organise the members of your clan in order to successfully manage all the attacks and defenses.